Kristine L. Ewan

Administrative Assistant III
(970) 491-3065

Job Responsibilities

Administrative support for the International Initiatives unit, International Memorandum of Agreement (IMOU) processing, delegation planning and hosting, and event planning.


Fort Collins, Colorado


A.D. in Accounting/CPS Certificate

International Experience

Studied abroad in France. Has traveled to the Caribbean, Canada and Mexico. Hosted a high school exchange student from France during summer 2011. Served as program manager for the Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program in 2011. Served as a host for a high school student from Spain for the 2014-2015 academic year.

Favorite Aspect of CSU

The students and visitors she meets on a daily basis. Getting to learn about different cultures every day and working with a great group of dedicated and talented people. There is a great community atmosphere at CSU.

International Initiatives staff